Ayana Etienne

Ayana Etienne is a reading coach at Sulphur Springs K – 8 Community School in Tampa, FL. This is her 11th year as a reading coach in Hillsborough County. Prior to taking on the challenge as a reading coach, she was a third- and fourth-grade classroom teacher. Education is a second career for Ayana, therefore, she obtained her education course work from Hillsborough Community College’s Educator Preparation Institute, a program for students who have degrees in other areas but need education credits to fulfill state certification teaching requirements. One of Ayana‘s most valuable experiences as a coach was being able to work as a reading coach facilitator at the Hillsborough County Reading Coach Summer Institute – training classroom teachers to become reading coaches for ten summers in a row.

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Coaches inspiring change during difficult times

By Amanda Bellas, Ayana Etienne, Michelle Robellard and Nadira Singh | April 7, 2022

Join us for this webinar to gain skills and strategies for building teacher efficacy during times of extreme stress and urgency.