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Amy Colton

Amy Colton is a senior consultant for Learning Forward and executive director of Learning Forward Michigan. She facilitates the effective design, implementation and evaluation of standards-based professional learning to increase the capacity of those who work to improve student learning. Colton is best known for her co-creation of the Collaborative Analysis of Student Learning and related inquiry, a professional development system that creates learning communities and tasks that support professional and student learning for excellence with equity.

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Equity standards give us the power to transform ourselves and our schools

By | June 1, 2022

A community of practice examines the three equity standards to understand how they impact professional learning design and facilitation.

Learning Forward Virginia focuses on educator well-being

By | October 1, 2021

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Learning Forward Virginia is evolving to meet educators’ needs. Before the pandemic, teachers had a sense of their positive impact on students’ learning. But as they grappled with new technology and unfamiliar challenges, many felt disconnected and dispirited, unsure of whether they were making a difference. We realized we […]

Equity work brings student voices to the table

By | October 1, 2021

Have you ever had one of those moments when you hit your head with your palm and say, “Duh! How did I not see that before?” The board of the Learning Forward Foundation had one of those moments recently when we realized our equity work had been missing an essential perspective: students. The foundation board […]

Learning Forward Foundation models equity commitment

By | June 1, 2021

The Learning Forward Foundation recognizes that fulfilling our vision and mission requires us to examine our policies, procedures, practices, and structures with an equity lens. As we shared in the April 2021 issue of The Learning Professional, the first step in this process is examining our values, beliefs, and biases. The next step is building […]

Elevating Teacher Leadership

By | February 16, 2017

Hosted by authors of Learning Forward’s report, A Systemic Approach to Elevating Teacher Leadership, this webinar provides an overview of a teacher leadership framework that promotes collaborative teaching practices that lead to increased student achievement. This webinar is for leaders or leadership teams interested in initiating, expanding or assessing and revising approaches to teacher leadership within schools […]

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A Process of Discovery

By | October 1, 2016

The collaborative analysis of student learning (Colton, Langer, & Goff, 2015) is a professional learning design that transforms teachers’ capacities and commitment to relentlessly pursue and use equitable ways to promote students’ learning excellence. Our 30 years of experience and research indicate that when facilitated study groups analyze the work of carefully selected students over […]

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