Education policy contact: Melinda George, Chief Policy Officer, Learning Forward

Media: Gail Paul,

Title II-A: Key to Improving Student Achievement and Educator Retention

Educators nationwide are rallying to preserve the Title II-A program, a critical source of federal funding that supports professional learning in K-12 schools, essential for enhancing student achievement and ensuring the retention of school leaders and teachers.

Last week, the U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee majority members approved the elimination of the Title II-A program from fiscal year 2024 onwards.

“Putting an end to Title II-A would have harmful consequences for students and teachers nationwide,” said Frederick Brown, president & CEO of Learning Forward, the nation’s leading professional learning association. Brown urges educators, parents, school boards, and school districts to take action by reaching out to their representatives in Congress, ensuring that Title II-A remains intact and free fromcuts.

To jumpstart the advocacy process, Learning Forward activated members and allies to reach out to Congress expressing their support for fully funding Title II-A and their concern over consequences on students’ outcomes if the programs disappear. Educators have responded to this call to action in expressing their support for fully funding Title II-A.

“During a time when schools across the country are struggling to support pandemic learning recovery, find and keep excellent teachers and leaders, and provide parents and communities with the thriving public schools they deserve for their children, the committee suggested eliminating the very dollars that are absolutely necessary,” said Brown – a former classroom teacher, a former assistant principal, and a former school principal.

Learning Forward was an author of the improved definition of effective professional learning included in the 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act. “In our vision, educators identify their needs collaboratively and locally, based on the needs of their students,” Brown said.

Brown posts video statement – “This cannot become a reality”

“Without Title II-A dollars, student achievement will decline even further, and more educators will leave the profession,” Brown said. “We need our professional learning community to act immediately.”

Watch Frederick Brown’s rally cry for educator professional learning:



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