The articles that were most popular with readers of The Learning Professional in 2021 focused on topics of ongoing importance but acute need: educators’ well-being and social and emotional (SEL) skills, racial equity, and curriculum support. An urgent need for transformation is a thread that runs through these and many other recent articles.

The year’s top ten articles reveal how learning professionals are grappling with an especially stressful time while leveraging opportunities for positive change. Educators’ growing fatigue is underscoring the need for holistic support. The bright spotlight on racial equity is leading to a hunger for actionable change strategies. And students’ growing needs call upon all of us to look deeply at what they are learning in the classroom and how so we can make their experiences as meaningful as possible.

We invite you to catch up on the articles you missed or reread them for further reflection.

Here are the ten most-visited articles of 2021:

  1. Crisis Creates Opportunity. Will We Seize it? An interview with Jal Mehta
  2. 8 dimensions of wellness for educators by Angel Montoya and Laura L. Summers
  3. Coaching with SEL in mind by Carrie Edmond, Rebekah Kmieciak, Rachel Mane, and Ashley Taplin
  4. What I’ve Learned from a Traumatic Accident by Jim Knight
  5. Equity isn’t just a word, it’s an action by Angela Ward
  6. With new science standards, coaching is key by Justin Andersson, Daniel Sitzman, Amy Arneson, and Elizabeth Gandhi
  7. Real learning happens in real life by Jim Knight
  8. New curriculum demands new support by Stephanie Hirsh and Jonathan Ben-Isvy
  9. Practical tools for improving equity and dismantling racism by Lee Teitel and Mary Anton
  10. Student talk in science leads the way to equity in Detroit by Kristie Ford and Kendra Welling-Riley


The Learning Professional will continue to explore these topics over the next year as we publish issues on collaboration in a divided world, teaching difficult topics, coaching across contexts, and other timely themes. If your New Year’s resolution involves sharing your work in writing, check out our call for submissions and writers’ guidelines.