Build a culture that nurtures productive conflict

When it comes to resolving conflict within teams, much of the advice you read is about the conversations that take place in groups. However, educators set the stage for productive conflict by creating the right culture, well before any of those conversations take place. Read how three experts establish a culture that encourages productive and healthy conflict.

Tool: Quick tips for the conflict avoidant

If you shy away from open, healthy conflict, you could be just as responsible for the dysfunction on your team as your aggressive, combative colleagues. Use this tool to move forward productively when conflict arises.


Tool: A magic trick to increase your credibility

Is there someone who doesn’t believe you have much credibility, if any, no matter how brilliantly you make your case? Use this tool to master building credibility and strengthening relationships with others.


Tool: Measure your team’s industrial synergy

Teams combine different people, ideas, and information into products and services in much the same way that machines transform raw materials into something greater than the sum of their individual parts. Give this tool to your team members to explore how well they work together to create results greater than the sum of their parts.


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