Building relationships through conversation

Five years ago, the Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education set out to change the perception of professional learning from a burdensome cost to an investment in student learning for a system of Jewish parochial schools. The project successfully built instructional leadership capacity; embedded instructional coaches in the schools; built a leadership team within each school; and documented student improvement. Read how the center used strategic conversations to build the relationships that have sustained the work beyond its initial two years.

Tool: Storyboard

Complete the storyboard exercise to reflect on a particular program, project, intervention, or other experience; clarify the learning; and plan your next steps.


Tool: Thinking lenses

Use this activity to help a team examine a particular program, project, intervention, or other experience from multiple viewpoints.


Tool: Four-step reflection process

Dig deeper using a structured process to think about a significant event, interaction, or lesson that occurred in your classroom or school — with students or adults.

Tool: Success analysis protocol

This protocol engages colleagues in collaborative analysis of the reasons behind successes related to professional learning. Use this tool to better understand the circumstances and actions linked to success, and apply this understanding to future practice.


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