A measure of concern: Research-based program aids innovation by addressing teacher concerns

By Karel Holloway

What happens when programs intended to improve student learning aren’t successful? Staff carefully researches potential programs, hand-selects one to address the specific needs of the students, and thoroughly prepares teachers. But, once implemented, the innovation doesn’t produce the desired results.

7 stages of concern

The Concerns-Based Adoption Model outlines seven Stages of Concern that offer a way to understand and then address educators’ common concerns about change.


Address individual concerns

To help bring about change, you first must know an individual’s concerns. Then those concerns must be addressed. While there are no set formulas, here are some suggestions for addressing the stages of concern.


10 things to do about resistance

Everybody is a least a little resistant to change. They wonder how it will affect them daily and in the long-term. There are ways to overcome resistance, though.


Scheduled maintenance

Every education innovation should include a maintenance plan. Sketch out ways to follow-up on the innovation before you begin.


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