Coaching for Impact: Six Pillars to Create Coaching Roles That Achieve Their Potential to Improve Teaching and Learning

Despite decades of efforts to support teachers with coaching, most teachers still do not get the support they need in their own classrooms. Yet most teachers, including experienced ones, need support to continue to evolve professionally, hone their practice, and use new tools. This support is most powerful when offered routinely and on the job by skilled professionals.

Learning Forward, the University of Florida Lastinger Center, and Public Impact have long advocated for high-quality coaching for teachers, with years of lessons learned about how to make coaching a force for instructional improvement. Based on our experience, the research base on coaching, and a forward-looking analysis, we use this new report to call on the nation’s education leaders to expand their commitment to high-quality coaching for all teachers.

Download Coaching for Impact, a report outlining six pillars essential to creating meaningful coaching roles.