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Oxford Bibliographies: Professional Development

By Stephanie Hirsh, Joellen Killion, & Joyce Pollard

Explore an annotated bibliography of current and classic research literature about professional development. Updated earlier this year, this summary of dozens of research studies was created to help graduate students, education scholars, professional development leaders, practitioners, and facilitators navigate the landscape of scholarship about effective professional development activities, policies, and structures that contribute to a system of professional learning.

Oxford Bibliographies are authoritative research guides developed by scholars and librarians worldwide. Oxford University Press turned to Learning Forward as the experts on this topic and has granted permission to share the bibliography with current Learning Forward members for a limited time and only for members’ individual, educational use. Oxford University Press owns copyright on the linked PDF above.

The structure of the bibliography organizes supporting literature, first, in sections that trace the problems and promises of early professional development literature through studies of effective professional development. Sections follow with references to literature about professional development and results for teacher practice and student outcomes. The remaining sections of the bibliography correspond to each of Learning Forward’s seven Standards for Professional Learning.