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    JSD, October 2016: Mind The Gap

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    Up close: Deep smarts start here

    • Inside cultural proficiency.
    • Restorative practices: A tool kit for educators.
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    What we mean when we say 'equity.'

    By Eric Celeste

    Equity in teacher development means that all students have a right and a need to be exposed to excellent teaching. This is dependent on ensuring that all teachers have access to high-quality professional learning.

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    How we can bridge the culture gap: Stages of change outline a path toward equity.

    By Gregory Peters

    The Conceptual Framework for Teacher Transformation outlines four stages of work necessary for educators and schools to shift beliefs and practices and maintain a commitment to interrupting and transforming inequities within individual and collective practices.

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    An equal chance at success: Culturally responsive teaching practices address students' differing needs.

    By Vicki Vescio

    If educators are to support the learning of students who have traditionally struggled for success in school, administrators and teachers must understand the difference between equity and equality and engage in classroom practices that support the former.

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    How do I teach English learners? The challenges content teachers face — and what school leaders can do to support them.

    By Felice Atesoglu Russell

    School leaders can play a pivotal role in supporting and mitigating some of the instructional challenges content teachers face in working with English learners.

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    Questions that lead to action: Equity audits motivate teachers to focus on English learners' needs.

    By Luis R. Soria and Margery B. Ginsberg

    A motivational framework helps a Chicago Public Schools leader build a willing environment to explore the correlation between high attendance and consistently low grades for English learners at a pre-K-8 school.

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    A process of discovery: Teachers examine cultural perspectives through collaborative analysis of student learning.

    By Amy B. Colton and Georgea M. Langer

    The collaborative analysis of student learning is a professional learning design that allows teachers to discover culturally responsive instruction for students they have struggled to reach.

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    We're all in this together: Teacher empowerment and leadership transform an elementary school community.

    By Michelle Pinchot and Chris Weber

    At Peters K-3 Elementary School in Garden Grove, California, teacher leadership and empowerment supported by professional learning from the district have led to increases in student outcomes and in parent and student satisfaction with the culture and climate of the school community.

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    Strike the right balance: How do school leaders balance district priorities with school and staff learning needs?

    By Donna Micheaux

    Pittsburgh Public Schools is creating a districtwide professional learning system that helps educators grow collectively, while at the same time allowing for differentiated and personalized learning to meet the individual needs of teachers and schools.

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    The value of coaching: Collaborative relationships spur professional growth.

    By Grace Y. Kang

    A two-month qualitative study of a literacy coach’s relationships with two elementary teachers looks at the nature of collaboration and how it is enacted in teacher practice and instruction.

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    From the executive editor

    By Tracy Crow

    What do you believe you believe?

    (Available to the public.)

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    Essentials: Keeping up with hot topics in the field

    • PDK poll
    • PLC guide
    • Evidence-based practices
    • Summer learning
    • 10-year trends
    • Pay-for-performance
    • School reimagined
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    Action research: A powerful design.

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    Lessons from research

    By Joellen Killion

    5th-grade science intervention focuses on English language learners.

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    Site highlights.

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    • Redesign PD Community of Practice
    • On Board
    • Learning Forward survey
    • ESSA recommendations
    • Book Club

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    for October 2016 JSD

    (Available to the public.)

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    From the director

    By Stephanie Hirsh

    Where did the Equity standard go?

    (Available to the public.)

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