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Learning Forward's journal, JSD, has changed its name to The Learning Professional. The bimonthly magazine is still the same well-respected journal of professional learning — but with an updated look and member focus. The Learning Professional addresses timely professional learning issues such as learning communities, the role of principals, finding time for professional learning, and teacher quality.

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Most Recent Issue:

    The Learning Professional, February 2017

    The Learning Professional February 2017

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    I Say

    By Jal Mehta

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    Here We Go

    By Eric Celeste

    Learning is at the heart in name, mission, and spirit. How do we take a product we love and make it better? Here are the reasons behind our new name and new look.

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    By Syeda Woods

    Syeda Woods, principal of John Fenwick Academy in New Jersey, credits high expectations and a focus on high-quality professional learning that ties teacher learning to student outcomes for the school's steady increase in literacy scores.

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    By Stephanie Hirsh

    A glimpse into Canada's practices helps us examine our own. Learning Forward’s study on the state of professional learning in Canada offers insights for members in the U.S. and worldwide.

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    By Michelle King

    How do I coach peers who have more experience than I do? To create supportive relationships, you must listen, establish clear boundaries, and demonstrate integrity.

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    By Scott Laurence

    Recognize the hard work of professionals. Professional athletes and quality educators share traits in common: hard work, dedication to continuous improvement, collaboration, and accountability.

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    By Joellen Killion

    Missouri program highlights how standards make a difference. Math teachers and their students benefit from eMINTS, a program steeped in the Standards for Professional Learning.

    (Available to the public.)

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    Professional learning in Canada: Learning Forward releases a landmark study and call to action.

    Learning Forward’s study identifies key components of effective professional learning based on findings from educators’ experiences in Canada. A call to action by Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves makes the case for a culture of collaborative professionalism for educators.

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    Keeping up with hot topics.

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    Focus: Professional Learning for STEM

    A bold experiment: Teachers team with scientists to learn Next Generation Science Standards.

    By Sharon L. Gilman and Martha C. Fout

    Middle and high school teachers team with graduate fellows in a National Science Foundation-funded program to enrich STEM content and instruction.

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    Diving beneath the surface: Underwater robotics lessons bring STEM to life for teachers in Guam.

    By Anne Tweed and Laura Arndt

    An underwater robotics program in Guam is building students’ and teachers’ content knowledge in STEM.

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    Problem solvers: MathLab’s design brings professional learning into the classroom.

    By Sara Morales and Terri Sainz

    New Mexico teachers observe math classes via videostream, then collaborate to explore student learning, effective practices, and math content.

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    Moving from ‘students can’t’ to ‘how students can’: A learning design anchored in the Standards for Professional Learning puts the focus on equity.

    By Janice Bradley, Andrea Rorrer, Ashley McKinney, and Cori Groth

    The Utah Education Policy Center collaborated with local schools and districts to design standards-based professional learning to increase equity and access for all students.

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    How much support is enough? 3 tools help us know when to step in and when to back off.

    By Leslie Patterson and Carol Wickstrom

    Use these three flexible tools to determine how much and what kind of support is most appropriate.

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    Training the trainers: Learning to be a principal supervisor.

    By Amy Saltzman

    Take a look inside principal supervisor programs in Washington, D.C., and Tulsa, Oklahoma. This article is sponsored by The Wallace Foundation.

    (Available to the public.)

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    The coach’s learning community: Standards-based program develops schoolwide literacy capacity.

    By Diane Reitz and Gene E. Hall

    To develop their knowledge and skills, school-based literacy coaches in Nevada’s Clark County School District participate in a professional learning community grounded in Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning.

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    How to cultivate teacher voice. Know your ‘ask.’

    • Consider these questions.
    • Devise an action plan.
    • Prepare your laser talk.

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    The latest from Learning Forward.

    • The evolution of The Learning Professional.
    • Two new board members elected.
    • Deadline for Learning Forward Academy.
    • Learning Forward merges with NCTAF.

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    ABSTRACTS for February 2017 The Learning Professional.

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    Learning designs go beyond workshops.

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    THROUGH THE LENS of Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning.

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