Meet the teacher: Coaches differentiate for professional learners

By Anthony Armstrong 

Ensuring differentiated instruction means much more than offering the usual variety of delivery methods or individually selected courses. Effective differentiation for learning is a complex and integral part of high-quality professional learning that cannot be teased out as a separate component. Read how a simple three-step framework helps school-based learning leaders plan strategically for differentiating content, delivery, finished products, timelines, ongoing support, and participant needs.

 Tools: Learning organizer and Names and needs

Discover more about your teachers as learners and help them discover more about their own learning.

 Advancing the standards: New Standards for Professional Learning help leaders create excitement, take risks

By Jacqueline Kennedy

Learn how two change-savvy principles for creating positive movement complement Learning Forward's new Standards for Professional Learning.

In practice: For technology coach, knowing when to step back is key

By Valerie von Frank 

Virginia member Andrew Rothenberger, technology resource teacher, says knowing when to step back and let teachers discover their own mistakes is part of a coach's job.

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