Professional learning playback: Build substance and collaboration through video analysis

By Valerie von Frank

Research has shown that video helps teachers develop their thinking about what happens in their classrooms. Read how June Jordan School for Equity, a small high school in San Francisco, is using video to significantly improve its teacher professional learning.

Tool: Considerations for establishing a video club and Video review protocol

Use these tools to get started in using video for professional learning and get the most benefit when reviewing, analyzing, and learning from video segments of a classroom lesson.


Advancing the standards: Teacher leaders move colleagues from knowing to doing

By Jacqueline Kennedy

Read how the Implementation standard can help overcome the knowing-doing gap in professional learning.

In practice: Create a culture of meaningful conversations

By Valerie von Frank

Eugene Norris, instructional coach in central Ohio, shares his tips for creating an environment of open communication that breaks through common barriers.

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