Teaching English language learners: Mainstream teachers make a stellar journey as a team to transform classroom practices

By Elsa M. Anderson , Niki Fisher , Olivia Perez , Ruth Schackmann, and Julie Shelton

Discover a unique learning community of ELL specialists and general education teachers that brings language-learning strategies into all classrooms, boosting learning and comprehension for all students. See how they incorporate ESL strategies into daily lessons, and read first-hand accounts from three teachers involved in the program. Resources to help in building your own learning community are also included.

Tools: Let's get acquainted and A portrait of trust

Use these two tools with newly formed learning communities to help develop strong, trusting relationships that foster collaboration.

Teachers leading: Teachers can sell communities on professional learning's value

By Joellen Killion

Community views of pro­fessional development often depend on how teachers and support staff talk about their professional learning and how school and district leaders and school boards characterize it. Read how teacher leaders can use their voices to advocate for their colleagues and students within their communities.

 A coach's dilemma: Coaches help new teachers see bigger pictures

By Valerie von Frank

Anthony Quan was a district coach in the Pasadena Unified School District before becoming faculty adviser at the University of California, Los Angeles. Read about the roles he sees coaches filling as they help new teachers see the bigger concepts behind content and delivery.