Advocacy can be the avenue for change: Kansas educator describes the steps in making the case for professional learning
By Anthony Armstrong

When Learning Forward challenged Sheri Thomas, Kansas Learning Forward affiliate president and 4th-grade teacher, to take the Standards for Professional Learning back to her district, Thomas made a commitment that resulted in profound changes to the district. “I felt that the standards would help focus the district’s professional learning,” said Thomas. “I wanted to make the introduction of the new standards a collaborative process from the beginning.”

Read how she introduced the standards through a collaborative process and gained support for standards-based professional learning from district and building leadership and staff.

Tools: Laser talk: Use the EPIC acronym and Laser talk: Make your delivery

Use these tools to create clear and concise talks to use in advocacy efforts with stakeholders at any level, including legislators, education boards, colleagues, and district and building leadership.

Advancing the standards: 3 ways to align professional learning goals to student goals using data

By Jacqueline Kennedy

With the onset of widespread school improvement and reform efforts, data has gained recognition as a lever for informing practice but has somehow escaped professional learning planning. Discover three ways that teacher leaders can use data to align professional learning to student learning.

In practice: Staff juggles hats and transitions to a new definition of learning

By Lori Grohs

In Lori Grohs’s rural elementary school, there is only one teacher for each grade level. See how this part-time instructional coach gets her teachers to wear many hats, support each other, and work together towards common outcomes.

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