Title II Advocacy

Title II Advocacy

ESSA’s Title II funds for leadership and professional learning are in danger of being eliminated. The programs funded through Title II significantly impact teachers, school leaders, principals, and the students they serve. Visit our Title II actions web page for information, including a sample email, sample tweets and tools for finding the contact information for your members of Congress. For assistance with talking points with your members of Congress, we have a set of ideas here.

Current update on Title II 


June 20, 2018


On June 15, 2018, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, Human Services, and Education passed by voice vote along party lines its fiscal year 2019 spending bill. The bill provides $71 billion for the Department of Education, an increase of $43 million over last year. True to Chairman Cole’s promise, the legislation rejects most of the cuts proposed by President Trump and the Department of Education in their FY 2019 budget request. Title IIA was level funded at $2.05 billion. Read Stephanie Hirsh’s statement on the House’s action here. The appropriations bill is now expected to go to the to the full House Appropriations committee on Tuesday, June 26. 


Next week, the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee and Full Committee is scheduled to mark-up its version of FY19 Labor HHS Education Appropriations, likely on June 26 and June 28. The Senate’s allocation for this bill is $2 billion higher than the House received. This gives it room to consider some program increases although it will also be looking to add funds for NIH and opioids.  The Senate bill will be a bipartisan effort and is likely to include few if any changes to major programs.

Coming up…

July: The House may move its bill to the floor and pass it before August recess.

August: The Senate may be in session during some part of August, making it possible that it will attempt to pass its appropriations bills then. The more likely scenario is that only judicial nominations receive attention in August and the Senate does not move Labor HHS Education or other controversial bills.


September: With the House having passed its bill and the Senate likely to not pass its bill, we are likely to see a Continuing Resolution that keeps the government operating beyond the election. While President Trump has suggested that he does not want to sign any more temporary funding bills, it seems unlikely that he will shut the government down so close to an election.



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Take action 

Visit our Taking Action page for easy ways to call, email, and tweet about Title II. 

Webinar: Sharing Title II Success Stories

Join us on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 3 pm ET as we make the case for Congress about the importance of Title II. We want to share some of the stories that are resonating with members, think about what makes these stories powerful, and how you can document your own evidence and impact story.

Title II Impact Story Survey

Please complete this short survey to tell us how the money is used in your schools and district and the results you are seeing. We will use these stories to inform Congress about why this program should be fully funded.

Advocacy Call Script

Reaching out to your member of Congress? Use this call script to help guide the conversation.

Title II talking points -- use and share
Learning Forward developed this one-pager to help policymakers understand why Title II funding is so critical for students and educators.

Join the Learning Forward A-Team

The Learning Forward Advocacy Team (A-Team) is a new opportunity for members to provide a critical service to the education community. Stay up to date on the latest in Title II updates and receive special invitations to help us take action.  


Blog series: Stand up for Title II

Haven’t we done this before?
While Title II ultimately was level-funded for fiscal year 2018 and we believe its prospects are bright in fiscal year 2019, there is no time to waste in getting the word to members of Congress that this is a critical program that deserves to be fully funded again.

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Webinar series: Speak up for Title II

Learning Forward hosted a series of advocacy webinars designed to help educators build their advocacy skills. Each free webinar provides background information, the legislative status of Title II, and offers practical steps for how you can engage in this critical fight. 

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