Candidate Application for Learning Forward Board of Trustees

Before applying, I understand that I must meet the following mandatory qualifications to become a candidate for open position on the Learning Forward board of trustees:

  1. I must be a member in good standing of the association;
  2. I must not have served on the board during the immediate past two years;
  3. I must submit this application to the nominating committee per instructions set out herein;
  4. I must agree to serve a minimum term of three (3) years; and
  5. I may be required, when statistical data demand that a simple majority of board members be so classified, to be employed in a PreK-16 school.

Additionally, I understand that Learning Forward prides itself on the sense of community felt by its members and that the association values teamwork as it endeavors to serve the field of professional learning. To preserve these values and to promote equity in Learning Forward elections, I understand that Board of Trustee candidates are not allowed to formally or informally campaign for office and are required to observe the following conditions of candidacy:

  • Candidates and supporters must refrain from requesting, verbally or in writing, the vote of Learning Forward members.
  • Candidates and supporters are not permitted to distribute printed literature announcing or supporting their candidacy.
  • Candidates and supporters are not permitted to produce publications or displays highlighting the positive qualities of candidates whether or not Learning Forward candidacy is mentioned.
  • Candidates and supporters may not engage in any organized effort to promote or enhance the candidacy of any individual.

The yearly deadline to apply is September 15th.

After submitting your online Candidate Application, please email a photo (head and shoulders only) in .jpg format suitable for publication and a short bio to or
mail them to Joel Reynolds at 17330 Preston Road, Suite 106-D, Dallas, TX 75252.

If you have any questions, please contact Joel Reynolds at or 972-421-0901 and she will be happy to assist you.