Rohini McKee

Rohini McKee has a strong belief that every problem has a solution, in every experience there is a lesson to be learned, and no day is complete without at least a little bit of fun. As a management consultant in the public sector for over twelve years, McKee has applied this approach to her work. She has worked with clients to establish and maintain continuous improvement practices, develop and implement strategic plans, and initiate and sustain strong data governance processes, among other areas of work.

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A new paradigm for collaboration

By Rohini McKee and Michelle Bowman | December 1, 2020

Create an online space focused on continuous improvement and equity with the Virtual Network Support Tool.

Virtual professional learning structures and strategies

By Daniel Bullock, Rohini McKee, Kunjan Narechania and Laura Summers | November 11, 2020

How can professional learning virtually connect educators to colleagues and engaging opportunities for growth? In this webinar, panelists will share models and strategies for online professional learning.