Today, we are pleased to launch Powered by Title II, a website designed to provide:

  • background facts and data on Title II (the largest source of federal funding for professional learning);
  • tools to advance your professional learning advocacy efforts;
  • the latest federal updates; and
  • links to research outlining the impact of high-quality professional learning.


Over the past several years, the Learning Forward community has come together to raise awareness about the importance of Title II, to collect and share data about the impact of high-quality professional learning, and to strengthen our advocacy skills.

Powered by Title II is your one-stop shop for all things Title II advocacy. Begin your journey with a clear overview of Title II – What does it fund? How do the funds reach districts and schools? How has the funding in my state changed over time?

Time to unleash your inner advocate! 🦸‍♀️ This new website #PoweredByTitleII from @LearningForward makes your #TitleIIA advocacy efforts as easy as pushing a button. Visit now to access tools, templates, research, & more! Click To Tweet

Simple, time-saving tools are also featured on the site with the goal of making your advocacy efforts as easy as pushing a button. Sample emails, sample tweets and a story-telling template are available. We encourage all Learning Forward stakeholders to give them a try.

A favorite feature are a set of “Powered by Title II” badges that you can download and embed in your materials, presentations, or on your websites. Whenever you are doing something that is supported by Title II funds, let people know. Raising awareness will help grow our advocacy efforts.

Need a research study to help you make the case for high-quality professional learning investments? Check out our new research page featuring studies about the impact of high-quality professional learning when the learning is standards-driven, combined with high quality curriculum, or focused on leaders.

And don’t forget story telling. The greatest advocacy efforts are those that are grounded in real stories and share impact. We have redesigned our story-telling tool to include steps before beginning your story, setting up and telling your story, and sharing your story widely. No matter what your angle, this story telling tool is a great place to start.

Take a few minutes and visit our new website. And let us know what you think! We hope you like what you see and that it will inspire you to unleash your inner advocate!