On September 18, 2019, Learning Forward hosted a Twitter chat on the importance of professional learning for school counselors with experts Mandy Savitz-Romer of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Alice Anne Bailey of the Southern Regional Education Board. The chat was based on Savitz-Romer’s article in the June issue of The Learning Professional, “No counselor left behind.”

Guests and participants shared strategies for job-embedded professional learning with school counselors, resources about making counselors’ roles and learning more strategic, and the value of the Standards for Professional Learning for counselors. In case you missed it, you can view the full chat using #CollaborativePD on Twitter or check out the recap of the chat below.

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Let’s get started with question 1:

Former school counselor and district counseling lead Danielle Duarte had an interesting answer:


Co-hosts Alice Anne and Mandy answered question 1 with the following:

Danielle Duarte, Superintendent Teresa Lance, and School Counselor Linda Lynn had interesting answers:

Co-hosts Mandy and Alice Anne had the following answers to question 2:

Co-hosts Mandy and Alice Anne answer question 3 with the following:

In other words, continuous improvement is key to quality professional learning.

Educator and School Board Member Chris Perry answered question 4 with the following:

Ramp-Up to Readiness and District Director of College and Career Readiness Dorletta Payton added another perspective:

Co-hosts Alice Anne and Mandy answered question 4 with the following:

Co-hosts Mandy and Alice Anne answered the last question with the following:

Such a rich discussion! Thank you to our co-hosts and partcipants. We hope you found some of  these insights and real-world exmaples from educators helpful.

To be notified of future Twitter chats, follow us on Twitter @LearningForward and #LearnFwdTLP.

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