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    JSD, June 2015: Together we can do more



    Up close: Deep smarts start hereDownloadNow_small

    • A clear path or clear roles?
    • Norms of collaboration
    • Support for professional learning teams
    • What’s inside

    Keys to collaboration: What it takes to move toward collective responsibility DownloadNow_small
    By Tracy Crow

    Explore critical factors for creating structures and supports that allow educators to engage in the kinds of collaborative problem solving and intentional learning that they value.
    (Available to the public.)

    Talk that teaches: How to promote professional dialogue and growth DownloadNow_small
    By Lynsey Gibbons and Melinda Knapp

    In two vignettes, 4th-grade teachers and instructional leaders examine student work and observe classroom instruction, illustrating how teachers can develop a shared understanding of teaching.
    (Available to the public.)

    Collaboration by design: School chooses strategies that allow teachers to learn with and from each other DownloadNow_small
    By Jeff Keller and Marfel Kusko

    Teachers at a California school use data team process, lesson study, peer observations, and lab lessons to identify needs, set goals, and plan professional learning that is job-embedded, ongoing, and focused on the curriculum.

    In the driver’s seat: Teacher-led model moves learning in the right direction DownloadNow_small
    By Lisa Sullivan and Theresa Westover

    Teachers participating in a California program that allowed them to select their own professional learning report increased confidence and knowledge, improved instruction, and a greater ability to meet student learning needs.

    Crowdlearning: 8 districts pool resources to focus on assessment literacy DownloadNow_small
    By Paula Dillon, Cassandra Erkens, Diane Sanna, and Linda F. Savastano

    Eight Rhode Island school districts join together to develop a culture of assessment literacy through ongoing professional learning focused on team-specific actions aligned to school, district, and state initiatives. Early results are promising.

    Coaching side by side: One-on-one collaboration creates caring, connected teachers DownloadNow_small
    By Nancy Akhavan

    After surveying teachers around the U.S. and analyzing student achievement data, an administrator gains insight into what types of coaching have a positive impact for teachers and student learning.

    What is an authentic professional learning community? DownloadNow_small
    By Shirley Hord

    Six research-based attributes are the defining characteristics of an authentic professional community.

    Create a safe space to learn: Probing encourages teachers to delve deep into their thinking DownloadNow_small
    By Amy B. Colton, Georgea M. Langer, and Loretta S. Goff

    Probing is a communication skill that provides the psychological safety teachers need to share their perspectives, inquire into those of others, and reconsider what they have been doing and how they have been thinking about it.


    From the editor: Team building isn’t just movie magicDownloadNow_small
    By Tracy Crow

    Take ownership of your learning.
    (Available to the public.)

    Essentials: Keeping up with hot topics in the fieldDownloadNow_small

    • Ideas from England
    • Common Core
    • Trends in Australia
    • TALIS results
    • Twitter talk
    • Creating excellence
    • Causes of poverty
    • Technology and teaching
    • Implementation trends
    • School turnaround


    Use language that builds trust.

    Lessons from researchDownloadNow_small
    By Joellen Killion

    Professional learning for math teachers is a plus for students.
    (Available to the public.)


    • Learning Forward Academy Class of 2017
    • On Board
    • Book Club
    • Learning Forward calendar
    • Have you adopted the standards?
    (Available to the public.)

    From the director: Why collaboration mattersDownloadNow_small
    By Stephanie Hirsh

    Spread effective teaching from room to room.
    (Available to the public.)


    When status quo is a no-go: Maryland high school redefines its professional learning DownloadNow_small
    By Jared C. Wastler and Shannon Zepp

    Liberty High School in Eldersburg, Maryland, once was a school that viewed the status quo as acceptable. Now, it’s a school where professionals look for innovation at every turn.

    More lessons from Bhutan: 6 years later, change takes root and flourishes DownloadNow_small
    By Alison Telsey and Laurie Levine

    Six years after they began promoting sustainable special education programs and practices in Bhutan, two U.S. educators reflect on what they’ve learned, share the successful elements, and explore how this can impact their future work.
    (Available to the public.)

    Important lessons from a software giant DownloadNow_small
    By Stephanie Hirsh

    The key to success for any educational organization is rooted in these learning fundamentals.