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    JSD, December 2015: Perspectives on Professional Learning



    Up close: Deep smarts start hereDownloadNow_small

    Perspectives that resonate.

    Perspectives on professional learning DownloadNow_small
    By Tracy Crow

    Educators in a range of roles and from all kinds of contexts share valuable stories and words of wisdom from a variety of perspectives.
    (Available to the public.)

    Do you see what I see? District designs learning plan to develop a clear vision of effective instruction DownloadNow_small
    By Kay Psencik, C. Todd Cummings, and Larry Gerardot

    Fort Wayne Community Schools in Indiana created a professional learning plan that emphasizes inter-rater reliability to ensure that principals are observing instruction in the same way and in agreement on ratings teachers receive.

    (Available to the public.)

    Words matter: Unpack the language of teaching to create shared understanding DownloadNow_small
    By Genevieve Graff-Ermeling, Bradley A. Ermeling, and Ronald Gallimore

    Practical unpacking strategies can help an educator community develop shared understanding of underlying ideas, uncover gaps in grasp of instructional practices, and prepare lessons with improved clarity and richer opportunities for student learning.

    The 5 habits of effective PLCs DownloadNow_small
    By Lois Brown Easton

    Professional learning communities that manifest these five habits are likely to be effective and to achieve what their members desire.

    Make a path for evaluation: 10 stepping stones help leaders build solid practices DownloadNow_small
    By Robby Champion

    An experienced professional learning leader offers habits of mind and work that can make a significant difference in the quality of evaluations.

    How leaders can make a big difference DownloadNow_small
    By Stephanie Hirsh

    Teachers thrive in schools that prioritize these literacy capacity-building strategies and, in turn, students have greater opportunities for success.

    Don’t just survive — thrive! Develop professional capital to help teachers thrive in times of great change DownloadNow_small
    By Roberta Reed and John Eyolfson

    Colorado’s Cherry Creek School District developed an instructional rounds process that builds teacher capacity, develops sustainable teacher leadership, and increases student engagement.

    Beyond professional development: Breaking boundaries and liberating a learning profession DownloadNow_small
    By Bruce Joyce and Emily Calhoun

    The keys to releasing the energy to build strong, sustained support are remarkably simple. Removing or at least bending some barriers is the secret door that lies hidden in plain sight.
    (Available to the public.)

    Say goodbye to drill-and-kill teaching: Authentic reading and writing experiences are enough to reach struggling students DownloadNow_small
    By Eric Simpson

    For one Texas district, what started as a summer program with just 25 students has grown to voluntary writing camps and after-school tutorial sessions for hundreds of students, with increased student achievement as a result.


    From the editor DownloadNow_small
    By Tracy Crow

    Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
    (Available to the public.)

    Essentials: Keeping up with hot topics in the fieldDownloadNow_small

    • Education updates
    • Redesign schools
    • Teacher leadership
    • Observer training
    • Learning innovations
    • Retaining teachers
    • School reform survey
    • Classroom assignments


    Kick-start meaningful conversations.

    Lessons from researchDownloadNow_small
    By Joellen Killion

    Strengthening principal leadership is only one piece of the puzzle.
    (Available to the public.)


    • Shirley Hord Learning Team Award
    • Book Club
    • On Board
    • Learning Forward calendar
    (Available to the public.)

    From the director DownloadNow_small
    By Stephanie Hirsh

    How we can stop the cycle of ineffective professional learning.
    (Available to the public.)