Annual Report

"Research tells us that teachers need to learn the way other professionals do "continually, collaboratively, and on the job," said Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education, Stanford University. "NSDC is leading the charge to ensure that effective professional learning that yields significant results in student learning is standard practice nationwide." 

Read the 2009-10 Annual Report to explore NSDC's accomplishments, relationships, networks, and ongoing initiatives. The report covers:

  • Policy work at the federal and state level;
  • Networks and resources that change practice at the local level;
  • A vision for the future;
  • Work of the Foundation; and
  • Financial information.

Download the NSDC 2009-10 Annual Report (PDF)

2017 Year in Review 

See how we have changed the field of professional learning over the last year. 

View here.