Board Governance

The Learning Forward Board of Trustees operates under a policy governance model wherein the board of trustees and the executive director relationship is clearly delineated between governance and management. The board decides the direction of the association by establishing association goals, develops and reviews policies by which the goals are to be achieved, defines ethical guidelines under which the association shall operate, and then delegates the job of achieving association goals to the executive director.

The executive director implements the board policies through management of operations, directing staff in achieving established goals. During designated consultation discussions, the board may offer advice on management or operations; however, final management decisions rest solely with the executive director. The board annually reviews the performance of the executive director with regard to established goals and management of the association.

The Board has the power to do and perform all acts reasonably necessary to accomplish the purpose of the association, which is to promote high levels of learning and performance for all educators and all students, all in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and the board’s established policies.

The Learning Forward Board of Trustees annually seeks candidates for open positions on the board.

2017 Year in Review 

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