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Learning Forward webinars feature leaders in the field discussing the key topics affecting today's educators. Gain insight from authors, researchers, and practitioners on topics including data-driven professional learning, implementing change, assessing the impact of professional learning, and much more.

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July 23 – Educating for racial equity: Equipping oneself with anti-racist strategies

July 30 – Welcoming your team to a new school year: Engaging all educators

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Past webinars

Advocacy Team (A-Team) Sharing Title II Success Stories

July 24, 2018

Stephanie Hirsh and Melinda George of Learning Forward, Judy Newhouse of Learning Forward Virginia, and Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group share some of the stories that are resonating with members, discuss what makes these stories powerful, and teach participants how they can document their own evidence and impact story. Download slides.

Advocacy Team (A-Team) Action Conversation (Part II)

June 28, 2018

Stephanie Hirsh, Elizabeth Foster, and Melinda George of Learning Forward, and Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group deliver the latest federal update and provide you with tips on sharing your professional learning story.

Advocacy Team (A-Team) Action Conversation

June 6, 2018

Stephanie Hirsh and Melinda George of Learning Forward, and Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group provide you with a federal update from Capitol Hill and some tools for you to use in the upcoming federal and local funding battles. Download slides.

Building Educator Capacity to Implement High-Quality Curricula: The Role of Teacher Leaders, Open Education Resources, and Evidence-Centered Design

May 21, 2018

Michelle Bowman of Learning Forward, Patricia Conner from CenterPoint Education Solutions, Megan Simmons and Cynthia Jimes from Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) consider the role of teacher leaders and how to use their expertise where it matters most. Deepen your understanding about the research and importance of institutionalizing a coherent…

Building a Continuum of Leadership Learning and Support: Principals and Central Office

May 16, 2018

Frederick Brown of Learning Forward, Kassandra Lassiter, Douglas Anthony, and Melissa Ellis of Prince George’s County Public Schools, and Margaret Ackerman, Glenn Pethel, and Dale Pugh of Gwinnett County Public Schools deepen participant’s understanding of research and resources that provide guidance in district leadership development efforts. Hear from the two districts that are part of…

Building a Case for Connecting High-Quality Curricula and Team-Based Professional Learning

May 7, 2018

Stephanie Hirsh and Tracy Crow of Learning Forward, Eric Hirsch and Lauren Weisskirk of EdReports, and Jody Guarino of Orange County Department of Education help participants deepen their understanding about the research and importance of institutionalizing a coherent and aligned curriculum. Hear about the latest research confirming the importance of high-quality curriculum and instructional materials…

How Teacher Leadership, Career Ladders and Relicensure can Support Teaching for Deeper Learning

April 25, 2018

Michelle Exstrom from the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Wendy Robinson from Fort Wayne Community Schools, and David Hill of Georgia Professional Standards Board, explore how teacher leadership opportunities, career ladders and policies related to embedding professional learning in relicensure and recertification processes can help educators gain the skills and experiences they need to…

Taking the Lead: Roles for Teachers and Teacher Leaders

April 10, 2018

Joellen Killion and Cindy Harrison of Learning Forward discuss the 10 roles described in the second edition of Taking the Lead: New Roles for Teachers and School-based Coaches, how the roles contribute to teaching quality and student learning, and the overview of the knowledge, skills, and practices associated with each role.​​ This webinar will include:…

Reaching All Students: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) under ESSA

February 27, 2018

Frederick Brown and Stephanie Hirsh of Learning Forward, and Laura Hamilton and Sean Grant from the RAND Corporation, discuss the implications for how to integrate SEL strategies and outcomes into your own professional learning programs and share evidence that indicates the importance of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to student success in academics. Researchers identified…

Teaching in the Machine Age

February 21, 2018

Michelle Bowman of Learning Forward, and Thomas Arnett from Clayton Christensen Institute, discuss the ways in which education systems may leverage technology to commoditize teacher professional expertise, thereby ensuring that every student has access to high-quality teaching. This webinar will: Address the numerous challenges school systems face, including teacher shortages in critical content areas, lack…

Evidence and Evaluation for ESSA: An In-Depth Conversation

November 14, 2017

Elizabeth Foster of Learning Forward, Theresa Bennett from the Delaware Department of Education, and Angela Minnici of WestEd answer questions raised in an earlier webinar discussion and provide an in-depth conversation around evidence and evaluation. This webinar will answer the following questions: How does ESSA define evidence and when should states and districts plan to…

Spending Caps and the Federal Budget – How Can We Advocate for Education?

October 18, 2017

Elizabeth Foster of Learning Forward, Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, Kate Cassling and TJ Lucas from the office of Senator Manchin, gives an update on the status of FY18 federal funding legislation and speaks about the federal spending caps and why we need to advocate to raise them.

Speak up for Title II: Evidence and Evaluation Data

September 4, 2017

While the immediate concern for professional learning advocates is the potential loss of Title II funding, the longer term outlook for education investments requires that educators become evidence experts, no matter where they sit in the education system. This webinar will explore how to integrate an evidence-driven approach to professional learning from start to finish…

Speak up for Title II: Outreach Strategies for Advocacy

September 4, 2017

As educators expand their advocacy expertise, they’ll need to learn about long-term relationship building with policymakers and how to leverage new and existing networks for broader influence. This webinar will offer insights and answer questions about which advocacy strategies work for maximum impact, how to build long term relationships with Members and their staff, how…

Speak up for Title II: Effective Story Telling

August 29, 2017

Frederick Brown and Melinda George of Learning Forward, Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, and Allison Davis of Bellwether Education Partners, explore how to identify compelling data and share results and experiences in ways that resonate with policymakers. Presenters offered strategies for collecting evidence and showcased powerful real-world examples. This was the second in a series…