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Learning Forward webinars feature leaders in the field discussing the key topics affecting today's educators. Gain insight from authors, researchers, and practitioners on topics including data-driven professional learning, implementing change, assessing the impact of professional learning, and much more.

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Learning Forward is making our COVID webinar series free to the public to support educators as part of our pandemic response.

Upcoming webinars

Reopening schools – what does hybrid mean?

Thursday, August 6 | 3 – 4:00 P.M. Eastern

Hear from district and school-based leaders about what the hybrid schedule might entail, how they will engage and meet the needs of students, how they are keeping parents informed, and how the last quarter of the last school year is informing this year’s start.

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Meeting the needs of our youngest learners

Thursday, August 13 | 3 – 4:00 P.M. Eastern

Socially distanced classrooms present their own challenges for children who are still developing self-regulation and social skills. This webinar will share strategies for teaching young learners (preschool to grade 2) in ways that address their academic, social, and emotional development during the pandemic.

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Say tuned for the following webinars:

August 20 - Assessment approaches for today’s learning environments

August 27 - Attending to the health and wellness of educators as the school year starts

September 3 - Connecting with families when it’s more important than ever

September 10 - Plan C: Preparing for the Next Wave

September 17 - Learning from coaches: Supporting teams and individuals

Past webinars

Teaching in an online environment

March 26, 2020

Educators across the world are being asked to implement online learning for their students as school systems close in response to COVID-19. Join this webinar to learn about strategies and to link to resources that will make online learning manageable and productive. In this webinar, we will hear from DeNelle West, the Chief Learning Officer…

Preparing educators for school closings and a new learning environment

March 19, 2020

In this uncertain time and with new school system closings being announced daily, Learning Forward is bringing together experts from practice, research, and policy to discuss the impact on educators and students and to offer potential resources, insights, and ideas for continuing the strong teaching and learning that our members provide every day. In this…

Collecting evidence to share impact of professional learning: Districts share their stories

February 19, 2020

Professional learning is the key to increased student outcomes. As school districts design professional learning, it is critical to consider the specific challenge you are working to address, the professional learning interventions you will employ, and to carefully plan for how you will measure the impact of those interventions so as to know whether to…

Coaching prevalence and support: Findings from a national survey

February 11, 2020

Learning Forward, Digital Promise, and a coaches panel discussed the results and implications of a national survey about coaching. Find out what more than 1,200 respondents said about coaching workloads, supports and using technology.         Participants: Explored the findings from a national survey; Discussed findings and recommendations from the survey; Learned about…

Coaching with students at the center: The what, why, and how of coaching for student engagement

January 28, 2020

Coaching expert Jim Knight of the Kansas Coaching Project led an interactive discussion about why and how coaches’ work with teachers should address student engagement. Students who are engaged are more likely to come to class, learn, and ultimately stay in school. This webinar covered how to measure and improve three types of student engagement…

Measuring Impact: Three Districts Share Their Experiences Collecting, Compiling, and Sharing Data

December 3, 2019

Melinda George of Learning Forward, Beth Albert of Norman Public Schools, Kathy Ruggerberg of Rock Island-Milan School District, Amy Summa from the School District of Philadelphia, and Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, share how they are measuring impact and how they are sharing their findings. Gain a better understanding of the importance of documenting…

The Mythbusters Guide to Educational Research

November 18, 2019

Douglas Reeves of Creative Leadership Solutions, and Thomas Guskey from the University of Kentucky, give a 30-minute preview of their full-day Learning Forward Annual Conference session. This webinar discussed how to become better advocates for the best available research and unpacked some prevailing myths in education.

Analyzing Assignments for Rigor and Equity

October 22, 2019

Tanjia Reed Marshall of Education Trust reviews recent research on the quality of assignments and provides an overview of a framework for participants to analyze assignments in their schools and districts in this 30-minute webinar.  

Building a Case for Connecting High-Quality Curricula and Team-Based Professional Learning

June 5, 2019

Frederick Brown and Tracy Crow of Learning Forward, Sandra Alberti of Student Achievement Partners, and Linda McMillan from the District of Columbia Public Schools discuss the latest research confirming the importance of high-quality curriculum and instructional materials to impact equitable outcomes for students.

Effective Coaching for School Improvement with Joellen Killion

May 14, 2019

Joellen Killion of Learning Forward, Sophia Thwaites of PCG Education, and Christine Lucas and Joseph Cahill of Fort Bend ISD explain how the Effective Coaching to Strengthen Instruction online course addresses the need for professional learning that is designed specifically for coaches, which is lacking in many districts nationwide.

Documenting your Professional Learning Story: Showing the Impact of Professional Learning

March 20, 2019

Elizabeth Foster and Melinda George of Learning Forward, Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, Sue Renehan of Learning Forward New England, Barbara Patterson Oden of Learning Forward Virginia, and Judy Newhouse of Learning Forward Virginia describe their experiences and learnings from their advocacy visit to Washington, D.C.

Hearing from Districts: Measuring the Impact of Professional Learning

March 6, 2019

Impact. Impact. Impact. How do we know that professional learning is making an impact on teacher practice and student learning? As funding is tightened, educators are asked to consistently collect data and measure the impact of professional learning. Hear from Nate Franz of Syracuse City School District, Get Nichols of Fort Wayne Community Schools, and…

Taking the Next Step: Implementing Next Generation Professional Learning

February 28, 2019

Adam Rubin and Meaghan Foster of 2Revolutions, Elizabeth M. Vincent of Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, and Kevin Schuttinger of Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools share a toolkit of resources that can help educators’ implementation of innovative professional learning models. Participants of this webinar will: Learn from a panel of practitioners currently implementing innovative models to reimagine…

Getting Started: Designing Next Generation Professional Learning

February 21, 2019

Adam Rubin and Meaghan Foster of 2Revolutions help viewers rethink professional development by playing an interactive game. This webinar shares the limitations of traditional professional learning models, what a transformed professional learning model looks like, and how to design a next generation professional learning experience.

State Supports for Title II Implementation: Plus a look ahead to the new Congress

November 27, 2018

Janice Poda of Learning Forward, Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, Julia Fallon from the Office of Superintendents of Public Instruction in the State of Washington, and Paul Flemming of the Department of Education share a forecast of what to expect from the new Congress, next year’s education funding process, how two key states are…