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Learning Forward webinars feature leaders in the field discussing the key topics affecting today's educators. Gain insight from authors, researchers, and practitioners on topics including data-driven professional learning, implementing change, assessing the impact of professional learning, and much more.

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Upcoming webinars

Learning from coaches: End strong, begin stronger!

June 4, 2020 | 3 – 4:00 P.M. Eastern

As the school year closes, instructional coaches are still hard at work. They are taking the many lessons learned in the last quarter of this school year and using those lessons to plan for a strong, if uncertain, year ahead. Join us for an exploration of how coaches are traversing the challenges of distance professional learning, remaining connected to the teachers they support, and applying their expertise in accelerating teacher learning.

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Past webinars

All means all: Equity challenges and opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis

May 28, 2020

This webinar focused on resources, strategies, and tangible ideas at the classroom, school, and district levels that all educators can use to reach students where they are, especially those who have been historically marginalized and empower them with the mindsets and skills necessary to experience success.

Learning without barriers: Supporting English learners during distance learning

May 21, 2020

The move to virtual environments for teaching and learning raises many questions about access, including for students whose first language is not English. Educators are seeking guidance and resources about how to support ELL students, and their families, in this virtual environment.

Remote but accessible: Reaching students of all abilities during distance learning

May 14, 2020

The move to virtual environments for teaching and learning may be impacting students with differing abilities and special needs in a variety of ways. Educators are seeking guidance and resources about IEPs, inclusion practices, modifications, and engagement.

Adapting high-quality instructional materials for a virtual teaching context

May 7, 2020

Recent research affirms how critical high-quality curriculum resources are to the student learning experience. So what happens when the world of schooling changes in an instant? How do educators adapt their use of materials in a new and often uncharted virtual environment?

Teaching in an online world – it’s getting real

April 30, 2020

This webinar focused on resources, strategies, and tangible ideas that all educators in this new online world are encouraged to borrow.

Learning from coaches: Supporting educators in a virtual world

April 23, 2020

Now that we are working and leading in a virtual environment, join us for an exploration of how coaches are traversing the challenges of distance professional learning, and remaining connected to the teachers they support.

How to lead when the path isn’t clear

April 16, 2020

During the last few weeks, teaching and learning have dramatically changed in schools and districts across the country. Superintendents, principals, and other leaders on the front lines are making decisions that impact teachers, support staff, parents, and students. Although the path isn’t always clear, choices have to be made quickly.

Supporting students in stressful times

April 9, 2020

Students rely on educators to provide many kinds of support, including stable relationships and positive social support – and they need those supports now more than ever. With students at home, how can educators continue to provide social and emotional support?

Taking care of yourself during uncertain times: Mindfulness and well-being for educators

April 2, 2020

Educators across the world are continuing to teach and support students during this unprecedented time. Many are teaching in new ways while navigating new worries. How are we helping educators to stay strong and healthy? Explore strategies around mindfulness and maintaining well-being. Our goal is for you to find ways to stay grounded in these…

Teaching in an online environment

March 26, 2020

Educators across the world are being asked to implement online learning for their students as school systems close in response to COVID-19. Join this webinar to learn about strategies and to link to resources that will make online learning manageable and productive. In this webinar, we will hear from DeNelle West, the Chief Learning Officer…

Preparing educators for school closings and a new learning environment

March 19, 2020

In this uncertain time and with new school system closings being announced daily, Learning Forward is bringing together experts from practice, research, and policy to discuss the impact on educators and students and to offer potential resources, insights, and ideas for continuing the strong teaching and learning that our members provide every day. In this…

Collecting evidence to share impact of professional learning: Districts share their stories

February 19, 2020

Professional learning is the key to increased student outcomes. As school districts design professional learning, it is critical to consider the specific challenge you are working to address, the professional learning interventions you will employ, and to carefully plan for how you will measure the impact of those interventions so as to know whether to…

Coaching prevalence and support: Findings from a national survey

February 11, 2020

Learning Forward, Digital Promise, and a coaches panel discussed the results and implications of a national survey about coaching. Find out what more than 1,200 respondents said about coaching workloads, supports and using technology. Participants: Explored the findings from a national survey; Discussed findings and recommendations from the survey; Learned about multiple coaching projects; and…

Coaching with students at the center: The what, why, and how of coaching for student engagement

January 28, 2020

Coaching expert Jim Knight of the Kansas Coaching Project led an interactive discussion about why and how coaches’ work with teachers should address student engagement. Students who are engaged are more likely to come to class, learn, and ultimately stay in school. This webinar covered how to measure and improve three types of student engagement…

Measuring Impact: Three Districts Share Their Experiences Collecting, Compiling, and Sharing Data

December 3, 2019

Melinda George of Learning Forward, Beth Albert of Norman Public Schools, Kathy Ruggerberg of Rock Island-Milan School District, Amy Summa from the School District of Philadelphia, and Jon Bernstein of Bernstein Strategy Group, share how they are measuring impact and how they are sharing their findings. Gain a better understanding of the importance of documenting…