Early learning and beyond: Connecting early childhood with K-12 so every student succeeds

Presenters: Iheoma Iruka, Josephine Appleby, & Larrisa Wilkinson

Join us to explore articles from the April issue of The Learning Professional on early learning. We will discuss systems and strategies that set students up for long-term success. We’ll talk about building bridges between early childhood and K-12, what teachers and leaders of all levels can learn from early childhood educators, and how to embed professional learning and capacity-building throughout the system and the community.




Participants of this webinar will:

  • Learn why it’s important for all educators to understand high-quality early childhood education;
  • Examine what a systemic approach to early childhood education looks like and the role professional learning plays;
  • Discover what K-12 and early childhood educators can learn from one another;
  • Explore strategies for building educators’ knowledge of and capacity for best practices in early education; and
  • Consider how professional learning systems can be scaled.

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Iheoma Iruka is founding director of the Equity Research Action Coalition at Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute and research professor of public policy at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

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Josephine Appleby ( is the pre-K professional learning program director at the Ayers Institute, Lipscomb University College of Education.

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Larrisa Wilkinson ( is director of professional development and program innovation for Pre-K 4 SA in San Antonio.

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