Book Club discussion with Dennis Shirley & Andy Hargreaves: The Age of Identity

Tuesday, April 9, 3 - 4 PM ET
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A Learning Forward Book Club Discussion with Dennis Shirley & Andy Hargreaves, authors of The Age of Identity

Exclusively for Learning Forward comprehensive members.

We are living and working in a time when identity is all the rage – literally as well as figuratively. How do we recognize and include all young people’s identities and honestly address the injustices and exclusions that many groups of young people and their families face without getting drawn into culture wars of accusation, indignation, guilt, and shame? How can we do the right thing without silencing ourselves for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing?

Join authors Dennis Shirley and Andy Hargreaves to discuss their brand-new book, The Age of Identity: Who Do Our Kids Think They Are…and How Can We Help Them Belong? This conversation will explore how identity issues affect educators, their students, and their colleagues, and why we should help young people develop positive senses of self and identity from the earliest years of school, guide them through their different stages and life passages, and build bridges. It will highlight how identity issues can bring us together and build inclusion and belonging rather than tear us apart.

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