Build a bridge between workshop and classroom: Follow-up activities put training into practice

By Joan Richardson

A little more than 20 years ago, Bruce Joyce and Beverly Showers put the concept of “followup” into the toolbox of staff developers after they said their research had shown that much of the initial learning was lost unless a structured follow-up program followed it.

Hugging and bridging strategies for transfer

The workshop provides a learning experience that resembles the expected application of the learning. Teachers are involved in an application similar to the application they would be expected to use in practice.


Reflect metacognitively

This activity will assist participants in understanding their current level of transfer. It is recommended that this activity be paired with the “Discussion With Lead-Ins”.


Discussion with lead-ins

Write the lead-ins on chart paper and post in the front of the room so that all participants can see.


Help Group

This activity will help participants think more deeply about what they are learning and how they might transfer that learning to classroom use.


Resources for Transfer

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