Link up & learn: Use technology to create a personal learning network to connect with experts and mentors everywhere

Most teachers and principals believe technology enhances teaching and learning. That’s according to the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Past, Present, and Future (2008). But the survey also found that while many educators are using the Internet, “far fewer are exploring the use of digital media for professional development and communication, including interaction with colleagues beyond their schools and districts.”

NSDC tool: Get connected with today's (and tomorrow's) tools

Explore ways to use digital tools for professional learning. To engage participants in exploring ways to use digital tools and to increase their knowledge of free digital tools that can help improve their own professional learning.


NSDC tool: What do you need? Cards

The activity links specific professional learning needs to web-based solutions.


NSDC tool: Free web tools

A list of web sites with free online tools to get you started.


NSDC tool: Resources for professional learning around technology

Add these to your technology tool kit. Links to provocative blog postings to start thinking about your practice.


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