Appeal to the heart as well as the head

By Dennis Sparks

My assumptions: Initiating and maintaining the momentum of significant change requires experiences that appeal to the heart as well as the head. Intellectual engagement alone is usually insufficient to produce such changes.

An appeal to the heart - in action

This tool is designed to accompany the lead article in this issue of Tools for Schools. The questions below ask participants to make explicit their assumptions and ideas about the role of the “heart” in change efforts and to then form an action plan.


A "day-in-the-life" scenario

Storytelling is an opportunity for the participants involved in change efforts to bring their right brains, their emotional selves, to the task. A scenario is a description of the future based on goals or planned actions. It is a way of making intentions visible in a detailed way.


Visualizing your school's history

Every school is full of amazing stories, challenges, and changes. This activity will help a school staff step back and see themselves as part of an ever-developing community with a rich history of efforts and achievements. The timeline can be posted for the whole school to see or it can be used just with staff members.


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