Technology closes the distance: Remote professional learning experiences create new challenges for staff development leaders

By Tracy Crow

Kimberly Tyson remembers an “aha” moment in her early development as a facilitator of videoconferences. She was
working with a well-known speaker in a video conferencing environment when she noticed that the speaker paused after each question, just as she would if the participants were actually in front of her.

Glossary of terms


Considering e-learning options

Use this worksheet to evaluate a particular remote learning method or a specific product. Use one sheet per method or product. Teams can share the workload of evaluating products by conducting research individually and sharing worksheets in a group before they choose a product or service.


Advance planning survey

Share this survey with your onsite contact as you plan a learning experience or use directly with participants. This survey assumes your discussions are already covering learning goals and logistical details.


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