Leadership teams create lasting change

Creating lasting change involves building strong school cultures that engage education professionals with their colleagues and communities, according to Sharon Kruse and Karen Seashore Louis, university faculty whose research focuses on leadership and school improvement.

NSDC tool: Force-field analysis

Gain insights into the school as a whole system. Conducting a force-field analysis is relatively straightforward. Where you start with force-field analysis depends on your initial analysis of the existing energy and interest within staff members.


NSDC tool: Identify your internal and external foci

Decide where to focus your change efforts. Consider the external and internal foci present in many schools. Identify how often each plays a role in your school.


NSDC tool: Assess your leadership challenges

Set an agenda for change. Leadership challenges come from the internal situation and the external environment.


NSDC tool: Diagnosing your district culture

Assess the relationship between school and district. Consider the following items. Assess the relationship between the district office and building leadership efforts.

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