Reel in your audience: Use film clips, stories, cartoons, and quotes to add impact to presentations

Why is it that quotations, stories, cartoons, and film clips are so often woven into speeches or presentations that are so memorable and so powerful?

Guidelines for using film clips

Bill Sommers recommends buying the video or DVD that you want to use in your presentation
or your meeting. Show the clip directly from that
video or DVD. Do not copy the clip onto another device for your presentation.


'I love Lucy' teaches about change

Learn how “I Love Lucy” can teach your staff about the change.


Autobiography in 5 chapters

Help staff focus on the results of their work. Change is hard. Our patterns get locked in as our ways of operating seem to work. But as time moves on, things change. Suddenly our standard operating procedures don’t seem to work as well as they have in the past, or they aren’t working at all. We tend to blame all kinds of causes, most of them external. Of course, when we step back, things are changing and will continue to do so.


The gorilla story

Stimulate staff to talk about reacting to change. Change is irritating. It is confusing, mysterious, unsettling, yet undeniable. It knocks us off balance. It frequently pushes us beyond our comfort zones. We’re compelled to run faster and faster just to keep up. And there’s no end in sight, no resting.


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