Tools for Learning Schools, Winter 2018, Vol. 21, No. 1

Coaches’ Multiple Roles Support Teaching And Learning

Since Learning Forward published the first edition of Taking the Lead: New Roles for Teachers and School-Based Leaders (2006), we’ve seen the body of evidence grow in support of coaching as a valuable strategy for promoting teaching quality and student success. Because coaching programs vary among districts and even among schools within a district, coaches’…

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Tool 1: Overview Of Coach Roles

Purpose: Use this framework, which includes a description of each of the 10 roles with examples of responsibilities, to provide an overview of the roles.

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Tool 2: Time Allocation For Coaches

Purpose: Use this tool to examine the percentage of time coaches spend in different roles.

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Tool 3: Weekly Lesson Planning Template

Purpose: Use this template with teachers to scaffold weekly lesson planning in any discipline.

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Tool 4: Creating An Administrator-Coach Partnership

Purpose: Use this tool to provide a structure and tools for the partnership agreement conversations between coach and the administration.

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