Facilitator Guide:

Standards for Professional Learning

Designed to assist facilitators in introducing and helping others implement the standards, this guide is for educators new to the Standards for Professional Learning as well as those familiar with the previous Standards for Staff Development.

Included in the Facilitator Guide: Standards for Professional Learning are practical activities, reflection questions, and tools to deepen users' understanding of the standards and how effective professional learning leads to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results.

With many interactive learning opportunities for participant discussion, conversation, and involvement, this guide models the kind of professional learning described in the standards. The tasks, discussion questions, and tools frame reflections and dialogue about the standards and provide opportunities to apply them in users' own work.

Complete with handouts and presentation slides, the guide is organized to support a full-day learning session and includes suggested variations for a two-hour introduction.

Facilitator Guide Units

  1. Opening and introductions
  2. Why standards?
  3. Standards overview
  4. The role of the standards
  5. Unpacking the standards
  6. Standards in practice
  7. Standards in action
  8. Assessment and follow-up
  9. Closing and reflections