Chief Strategy Officer

Tracy Crow is chief strategy officer for Learning Forward. In this position, Crow oversees the planning, creation, production, dissemination, and marketing of all Learning Forward products, including member newsletters, the magazine The Learning Professional, and books. As the editor of the bimonthly magazine The Learning Professional, Crow works with authors and magazine staff to manage the day-to-day operations of the publication. Crow also contributes to the content development of the Learning Forward website and email communications. She works with Learning Forward’s leadership team to develop the messaging and marketing vehicles for products and services.

In previous positions, Crow wrote, edited, and produced a range of publications and products both print and online, including developing magazines, websites, and CD-ROM products for a federally funded project that disseminated information about curriculum materials to mathematics and science teachers.

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Lets put an end to wasted professional learning days

I recently heard about a troubling professional learning experience from one of the teachers I spoke with at Learning Forward’s Annual Conference in St. Louis last December. He had just spent a dist

By Tracy Crow        February 01 2020

Are personalization and high-quality materials mutually exclusive?

Learning Forward believes districts that don’t prioritize the use of high-quality instructional materials are neglecting a pivotal ingredient in establishing equitable learning conditions (Learning

By Tracy Crow        August 01 2019

Give your brain a summer stretch

Ideally you’re in a learning system with opportunities to learn collaboratively throughout the workweek and school year. The summer, however, can open other kinds of learning doors. Perhaps you’re

By Tracy Crow        June 01 2018