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Suzanne is the content editor for The Learning Professional, Learning Forward’s magazine. She oversees the magazine’s direction, themes, and contributors. She also contributes to strategy and content for other Learning Forward publications and resources.

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To master the steps, revisit the basics

Whenever I learn something new — dancing, cooking, statistics — the beginning of the learning curve tends to be quite rewarding. It’s the next stage I find most frustrating, the stage I think of

By Suzanne Bouffard        April 01 2020

What do students need? Let’s ask them.

Conversations about students’ needs are at the center of great schools. To determine those needs, we examine performance data, observe teaching practices, synthesize research. But how often do we li

By Suzanne Bouffard        February 01 2020

To put it simply, coaching works

The benefits of instructional coaching have been obvious to educators for decades, but research data now make those benefits measurably clear (Kraft, Blazar, & Hogan, 2018). The impact is particul

By Suzanne Bouffard        December 01 2019