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Joellen supports a range of Learning Forward initiatives, including the development of standards resources, consulting services, and the work to implement the College and Career Ready standards.

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On the path to ‘becoming’

Coaches make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions that affect the daily work of teaching and learning. These decisions are not arbitrary; they are guided by the mental models coaches hold. Ment

By Joellen Killion        December 01 2019

How teachers think about student learning

WHAT THE STUDY SAYS Teacher discourse patterns about students’ learning in mathematics reflect teachers’ beliefs and expectations about student learning. These beliefs h

By Joellen Killion        December 01 2017

Book Club

This third edition of Joellen Killion’s essential resource guides readers through the rigors of producing an effective, in-depth analysis of professional learning. The methods outlined here help rea

By Joellen Killion        October 01 2017