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Tools for Learning Schools, Spring 2017, Vol. 20, No. 3

May 25, 2017

Learning Forward's Tools for Learning Schools

Learning teams constitute a crucial component of the continuous cycle of learning. This is the daily job-embedded learning focused on student learning challenges that teachers have over and over said they value highly.

In this issue of Tools for Learning Schools, we look at the five-stage learning team cycle for collaborative learning discussed in Becoming a Learning Team, specifically the first stage: How team members analyze data so they can identify and better understand the exact problem they are addressing. We then offer four tools designed to help your team provide a summary statement.

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Tool 1: Data summary sheet

Use the chart to log data type and source by student characteristics.

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Tool 2: Data analysis protocol (formal)

Use these questions to ask questions like, "What areas of student performance are meeting or exceeding expectations?"

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Tool 3: Data summary statement example

Use this sample of a data summary statement to offer a conclusion and supporting evidence, as well as to answer questions about the meaning of your findings.

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Tool 4: Data summary statement worksheet

Use this worksheet to write a statement from the example given.

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Chapter 4 from Becoming a Learning Team. (For the tools associated with this and every chapter, buy the full book here.)

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