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Tools for Learning Schools, Winter 2017, Vol. 20, No. 2

Mar 10, 2017

Learning Forward's Tools for Learning Schools

Because of the ubiquitous accessibility of digital video technology, educator-generated videos are quickly becoming a fundamental resource for preservice education, professional learning, and even teacher assessment. In many learning communities, video clubs have evolved as one particularly salient way to use video captured by teachers to promote professional learning.

In this issue of Tools for Learning Schools, practitioners share their video club design and insights and we provide tools teachers can use to engage productively in club sessions.

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Tool 1 & 2: Setting up a teacher video club

Use the questions and chart to set up the purpose and structure of your video club.

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Tool 3: Selecting video club clips

Using the FIND method described herein, use four frameworks to examine the videos for potentially fruitful moments that lead to better professional learning.

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Tool 4: Sustaining productive video club discussions

Using the CHAT framework described herein, use four elements to outline a potential sequence teaches can use to productively examine problems of practice shared by colleagues.

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