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Tools for Learning Schools, Winter 2016, Vol. 19, No. 2

Apr 11, 2016

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Best-practice takeaways: A new study shows how high-quality professional learning promotes effective teaching and leads to better student outcomes

By Joellen Killion

A recent study highlighted a pattern of common professional learning practices across four high-performing education systems – British Columbia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. Explore those practices and consider related factors that embed learning in schools each day and dig deep into the roles professional learning leaders can play in a range of contexts.

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Tool: Professional learning leader role assessment

Use this tool with teams of teacher leaders and school and district leadership teams to facilitate conversations about the responsibilities of learning leaders and how such leaders can focus more specifically on professional learning.

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See Facilitator Guide for Beyond PD: Teacher professional learning in high-performing systems for a comprehensive set of tools to unpack and apply findings from Beyond PD: Teacher professional learning in high-performing systems, the research study explored in this issue of Tools for Learning Schools.

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