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Tools for Learning Schools, Winter 2015, Vol. 18, No. 2

Jan 26, 2015

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Connected classrooms: Teacher teams use protocols to observe and improve practice

By Danielle Birdyshaw, Elizabeth Lietz, Diana Stotler, and Mary Turchi

Teachers and coaches in a Michigan school district use observation protocols during classroom visits to strengthen collaborative learning and instructional practices.

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Tool: Preobservation host meeting

Use this form to guide a planning discussion with the host teacher to understand the focus of the observation.

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Tool: Preobservation meeting

This tool reminds participants of the norms for an observation and helps the group understand the context of the lesson and clarify their focus for observation.

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Tool: Classroom observation

This observation process is most successful when observers can highlight the specific actions and practices they see. Use this form to record details during the lesson.

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Tool: Postobservation debrief

When the facilitator leads the debrief, this protocol helps focus the discussion and records key implications and lessons.

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