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Tools for Learning Schools, Winter 2012, Vol. 15, No. 2

Dec 01, 2011

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Experts agree: Conflict creates better teams  

By Valerie von Frank 
While many see conflict as negative and destructive, it is an essential part of team dynamics and careful decision-making. Without disagreements, groups become subject to groupthink, a tendency to emphasize harmony over critical evaluation, resulting in poor decisions. Learn how to avoid groupthink by turning conflict into a positive force in team learning and growth. 

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Tool: Value of conflict

Help members of your team understand the value of conflict and hearing opposing points of view.

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Tool: Conflicting viewpoints: Map the positive and negative interpretations of conflict 

Use this tool after reading "Experts agree: Conflict creates better teams" to help team members understand how conflict may be either productive or destructive.

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Tool: Team attitude toward conflict survey 

Determine how your group approaches conflict with this quick, one-page survey. 

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