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Tools for Schools, Summer 2011, Vol. 14, No. 4

Jun 01, 2011

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Lesson study puts a collaborative lens on student learning  

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By Anthony Armstrong 
Learn how Denver Public Schools' teacher effectiveness coaches are creating a collaborative change environment through lesson study, a structured process that enables small groups of teachers to plan, observe, analyze, and refine actual classroom lessons.

Tool: Preparing for the research lesson 

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Plan every detail of a lesson for lesson study observation, including teacher actions, intended and unintended student behaviors, teacher interventions, etc. for group lesson study observations. 

Tool: Word-for-word record 1: What does the teacher ask? 
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Examine the types of questions teachers can ask and how they affect student engagement and learning with parts one and two of this tool.

Tool: Word-for-word record 2: How do the students respond? 

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Use this tool concurrently with Word-for-word record 1: What questions does the teacher ask? 

Tool: Time sweep: Who's talking and when?

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Measure how much time the teacher and students spend talking to discover what the time spent talking tells your group about the lesson and how it affects student learning.

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