Teacher Agency

Moving from Compliance to Agency: What Teachers Need to Make Professional Learning Work

Learning Forward and the National Commission on Teaching & America’s Future interviewed teachers and school administrators to understand the disconnect between the professional learning that teachers need and want and what they actually experience on the job. Teacher agency emerged as a factor that needs to be elevated in the discourse about professional learning.

Authored by Laurie Calvert, education policy advisor for Learning Forward and NCTAF, this report emphasizes the importance of teacher agency and pinpoints strategies that education leaders and policymakers can use to leverage agency in designing more effective professional learning.

Download the report for:

  • Rationale for the importance of elevating teaching voice in professional learning;
  • Insight into teachers’ experiences learning on the job; and
  • Recommended actions school and district leaders can take to increase teacher agency.

Recommended actions school and district leaders may take to increase teacher agency: