Learning Forward's Permissions Policy

All requests for permission to use material copyrighted by Learning Forward must be submitted by fax to Christy Colclasure (fax: 513-523-0638; email: christy.colclasure@learningforward.org). Please allow two weeks for a response. Use this form to submit permission requests. Learning Forward allows its members to make up to 30 copies of a single article for distribution in a school, school district, or regional/state educational agency.

Members who want to make more than 30 copies of an article or who want permission to reprint an article in another publication must seek permission from Learning Forward. (Educators who want to distribute copies of Learning Forward articles or excerpts at the annual conference or other Learning Forward-authorized function are exempt from this requirement.)

All non-members who want to make copies or print articles should submit permission request forms.

More than a single article

A fee will be charged to anyone seeking to reproduce a substantial portion of any single publication. The fee will be the same as the cost of buying the publication in bulk.

Web sites

Learning Forward does not grant permission to allow any organization to post its articles on non-Learning Forward web sites. However, other organizations are invited to link to articles that are available in the public area of the Learning Forward web site. No additional permission is needed for such a link.

Standards for Professional Learning

The list of the 7 Standards for Professional Learning may be duplicated and distributed without seeking additional permission as long as the standards are properly credited to Learning Forward. The list of standards may be posted on a web site or reproduced for citation in a book, article, or dissertation if the standards are properly credited to Learning Forward. 

All other requests regarding the standards and the content in the Standards for Professional Learning, online or in print, should be submitted for permission. 

University course packs

All requests for course packs are referred to the Copyright Clearance Center.