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NSDC Policy Points

Our strategic goal of affecting policy around the most powerful forms of professional development was supported with a newsletter specifically created for policymakers. Made possible through funding from College Board, NSDC Policy Points was sent to members of Congress and their staffs to help them develop greater understanding of government's role in supporting teacher learning that directly affects student achievement. Each issue examined a specific aspect of professional development and its relevance to policy making.

The quarterly newsletter is publicly accessible here for readers to access and download. Learning Forward invites members to share these newsletters with state-level policy makers and other key decision makers within their own spheres of influence.

Learning Forward believes every educator can make a difference in how teachers learn by having their voices heard about the definition of quality professional development and its link to student achievement. To read our definition of professional learning and stay up-to-date on the organization's advocacy work, visit the Advocating for Professional Development page.