Teachers Teaching Teachers, April 2011, Vol. 6, No. 7

Apr 01, 2011

Published on April 1, 2011

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Issue Contents

Leading teachers during tough times: 5 strategies help leaders support their teachers
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Personal and professional strengths are tested when state and provincial governments cut public education funds. How leaders respond and facilitate interactions during these difficult times can alleviate some of the pain people experience. Read Joellen Killion's advice for how leaders can support their teachers, even when the leaders' own positions may be in jeopardy. (Available to the public.)
By Joellen Killion

Tools: Tool kit for tough times and Discussion protocol
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Explore this collection of resources that support Joellen Killion's advice for helping your teaching staff get through difficult times, and use the included discussion protocol for group discussions of selected readings. (Available to the public.)
Teachers leading: Virtual relationships: Where and when do your best conversations take place?
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Read about four principles of virtual networks that are inherent in successful educator collaboration and provide a powerful lens for considering how to best implement the Collaboration standard. (Available to the public.)
By Jacqueline Kennedy

A coach's dilemma: With a wardrobe of strategies, we can select one that fits
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Joylyn McCain, instructional coach at Sunnyslope Elementary School (Phoenix, Ariz.), explains how the best strategy is having multiple strategies.
By Valerie von Frank