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Quarterly digital briefs that help practitioners build a deeper foundation and take next steps on specific school improvement questions. 

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Welcome to your latest member benefit! This is the first issue of Learning Forward's new knowledge brief series. Each quarterly brief will help practitioners build a deeper foundation in professional learning and take next steps on specific school improvement questions. 

    Professional learning drives Common Core and educator evaluation


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    The ultimate key to successful integration and implementation of college- and career-ready standards and educator evaluation systems is the quality of the professional learning that educators engage in every day.

    Effective professional learning at the school level occurs among a team of teachers learning in a cycle of continuous improvement. Within this framework, learners address their specific learning needs, have ongoing opportunities for practice and feedback, and monitor results. At its best, professional learning fosters collective responsibility for the success of all students.


    The full brief includes:

    The Cycle of Continuous Improvement

    How individuals, teams, and the school take each step in the cycle.

    What’s Next

    Opportunities for reflection and discussion to deepen your understanding and advance practices.

    Additional Resources
    Several Learning Forward resources available to support Common Core and educator evaluation.


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