JSD, June 2016: Fundamentals

Jul 05, 2016



Up close: Deep smarts start hereDownloadNow_small

  • Types of coaching
  • The emphasis is on effective
  • Learning leaders come from everywhere

Lay the foundation for great teaching and learning DownloadNow_small
By Eric Celeste

Whether building their skill set or needing a refresher, learning leaders will want to fill their development tool kit with fundamental concepts and strategies.
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The sandwich strategy: No matter how you slice it, analyzing student work together improves math instruction DownloadNow_small
By Lynsey K. Gibbons, Rebecca M. Lewis, and Lisa Nguyen Batista

How can six students share eight sandwiches equally? A team of teachers uses students’ responses to this question to guide their instructional decisions and support their professional learning about teaching mathematics.

Expanding excellence: Teachers cross district lines to learn with peers DownloadNow_small
By Ben Owens and David Strahan

The Scaling the Pockets of Teaching Excellence project in Western North Carolina is a grassroots model of teacher-to-teacher collaboration and professional development.

Establish time for learning: Finding time to collaborate takes creativity and commitment DownloadNow_small
By Joellen Killion

Coupling effective professional learning that includes school- and classroom-based support with time for collaboration with peers and experts is one strategy available to districts and schools implementing college- and career-ready standards.

An open door to learning: Inquiry process builds collaborative cultures within and between schools DownloadNow_small
By Lisa Cranston

Educators at three schools in Southwestern Ontario use a collaborative inquiry process combined with classroom observations to investigate student inquiry-based learning while building a culture of openness and professional learning within and between schools.
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Nimble navigation: A constant cycle of assessment keeps learning on course DownloadNow_small
By Wendy James and Terry Johanson

Whether the professional learning is a half-day session or extends over multiple school years, leaders can plan the learning experience so it is designed to gather data about teachers’ needs and respond to that data immediately.

What are we learning about how we learn? DownloadNow_small
By Bruce Joyce and Emily Calhoun

For 35 years, the authors and their colleagues have tried to find out how people can learn to use new curriculums and ways of teaching. Here’s what they’ve learned along the way.
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From the editor DownloadNow_small
By Tracy Crow

Fundamentals make a difference at every skill level.
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Essentials: Keeping up with hot topics in the fieldDownloadNow_small

  • Facebook support
  • Teacher professionalism
  • Policy check-up
  • Leading the way
  • Mapping knowledge
  • Online learning


Beyond the workshop.
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Lessons from researchDownloadNow_small
By Joellen Killion

Implementation fidelity affects the degree of change in teacher practice.
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  • Redesign PD Community
  • of Practice
  • On Board
  • Foundation recipients
  • Learning School Designation
  • Canada study
  • ESSA draft regulations
  • Book Club
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From the director DownloadNow_small
By Stephanie Hirsh

A new role and a new vision for the road ahead.
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The promise of partnerships: Researchers join forces with educators to solve educators to solve problems of practice DownloadNow_small
By Gail R. Meister and Cynthia L. Blitz

For educators with limited time and budgets, research-practice partnerships are a potentially cost-effective vehicle for addressing the goal of increased student results.